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Welcome to the High Rollerz BJJ Sponsorship Page – your opportunity to align your brand with one of the most dynamic and groundbreaking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu events in the world. If you’re a company looking to elevate your presence and connect with a diverse and engaged audience, High Rollerz offers a unique platform to showcase your brand in the heart of the BJJ and cannabis culture.

Why Sponsor High Rollerz?

High Rollerz isn’t just a BJJ tournament; it’s a movement that seamlessly blends the excitement of elite-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the vibrant culture of cannabis enthusiasts. Our events draw in a passionate and diverse crowd, creating an unparalleled atmosphere that celebrates athleticism, sportsmanship, and the shared love for BJJ and cannabis.

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What Sets High Rollerz Apart?

  1. Innovative Integration: High Rollerz has pioneered the fusion of BJJ and cannabis culture, creating an atmosphere where competitors and spectators alike can engage with your brand in a unique and memorable way.

  2. Engaged Audience: Join forces with High Rollerz to connect with a dedicated and diverse audience. From BJJ practitioners to cannabis enthusiasts, our events attract individuals who are deeply invested in both communities, providing sponsors with a prime opportunity for targeted exposure.

How to Become a High Rollerz Sponsor:

We invite interested sponsors to submit their company’s interest through the form below. Share your brand story, values, and why you believe High Rollerz is the perfect platform for your company. Our team is committed to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that amplify your brand’s visibility and impact.

By becoming a High Rollerz sponsor, you’re not just supporting an event; you’re aligning your brand with a movement that’s pushing boundaries and redefining the intersection of sports and culture.

Join the High Rollerz Movement:

High Rollerz welcomes forward-thinking brands to be a part of our journey. Submit your sponsorship interest today and embark on a thrilling collaboration that transcends traditional sports sponsorship. The High Rollerz BJJ tournament series is not just an event; it’s an experience – and we invite you to be a vital part of it!

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