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Below you will find answers to the most common questions we are asked about our show. 

Yes, anyone can register to compete in our Open Tournaments. Competitors who are interested in being featured in a super fight on a main card should submit their interest on the Athletes Page. 

Registration and events are managed through the Smoothcomp web portal. 

Our shows are hosted in cannabis friendly markets so we can continue the tradition of smoking at our events. If you are interested in bring a High Rollerz event to your town, connect using the Contact Page

Yes, we have at least one dedicated photographer for each event. Registered competitors are allowed to bring one coach or media person with them to take photos/videos of their match. 

Yes, cannabis consumption is allowed at most of our events, but may be limited to certain areas in accordance with local laws. However, athletes and guests are not required to consume cannabis.

Yes. Due to most cannabis laws, we do not allow competitors or guests under the age of 21 years old. Exceptions may be made if a competitor is 18+ years old and has a valid medical-use card issued by the state where the event is being held.  

Never seen one of our shows? Watch here: High Rollerz YouTube Channel