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The first ever jiu-jitsu tournament presented by High Rollerz BJJ took place yesterday in Los Angelas. Not surprisingly, Nick Diaz was in attendance for the unique tournament.


The High Rollerz BJJ tournament followed the Eddie Bravo Invitational rules but with one twist: competitors were encouraged to smoke weed before and during the event (probably after as well).


Marijuana and combat sports has an interesting shared history. Some believe the therapeutic effects of marijuana make it a performance-enhancing drug. Others believe putting marijuana in the same category as steroids is a grossly misguided classification.


During the event, an officiant was able to diffuse a potentially aggressive situation by lighting up marijuana for both competitors. The situation was recorded and then posted on Instagram below for posterity.


Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana in his last fight. He lost a unanimous decision to Anderson Silva at UFC 183 over 3 years ago. The fight was later ruled a no-contest after Silva too failed a drug test. Silva failed due to what he says was a vile of blue liquid his teammate had obtained for him as a sexual aide.


Diaz also had a victory from 2007 over-turned due to failing a drug test for marijuana. His victory over Takanori Gomi from Pride 33 was changed to a no-contest when Diaz’s THC levels were found to be off the charts. As the event was Pride’s debut in Las Vegas, the NSAC oversaw the bout and began their now 11-year long rivalry with Diaz on this night.


Diaz’s test came back a 175 ng/ml for THC from Pride 33. In some jurisdictions, a 15 ng/ml is considered a fail.


“Mr. Diaz was 175. This creates a unique situation,” NSAC Chairman Tony Alamo said regarding Diaz vs Gomi. “I was there at this fight and believe that you were intoxicated and… that it made you numb to the pain. Did it help you win? I think it did.”


Not only would Nick Diaz be allowed to compete during yesterday’s High Rollerz BJJ tournament, his opponents might be just as high.

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