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The heat is beginning to beat down on the desert streets of Las Vegas.  Summer steadily approaches and the tourists are baking outside on the city streets.  Meanwhile, fighters, celebrities, and celebrity fighters baking inside (see what I did there?) over at the High Rollerz Headquarters as they get prepared for our High Rollerz 15: Celebrity Open.

That’s right, for our May event we have an 8-man tournament style bracket of fighters, backed by our badass company sponsors, and then for our main fights of night we have two matches of celebrities from one limelight or another matched up against one another.  Whether you’re known for spittin’ bars or for being a sick tattoo artist – when you’re closed into the cage and knuck it up as the clock starts to count down, the crowd at High Rollerz only wants to know one thing..


Enough of the build up, let’s get right in there with a recap of the night’s events.

If you’re curious about the rules of our matches, you can check out our official ruleset here.

You can read along for a play-by-play with yours truly, or check out the action on our YouTube page where you’ll be carried through the action by UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar and the champ himself, Kevin Crane.  We also have some guest commentators pop on through the show, including pro wrestler Hassad Assan and MMA fighter Georgi Karakhanyan!

Your hosts, UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar and High Rollerz current champion, Kevin ‘Remember the Name’ Crane!

None other than Stockton legend Nate Diaz kickin’ it with the High Rollerz broadcaster / interviewer Alex Wendling!

1: Albert Morales v Javier Garcia

The night kicks off with Javier ‘El Mariachi’ Garcia out of Combat Sub Wrestling repping Tyson 2.0 against Black House MMA’s Albert Morales, rocking his Vibes Papers rashie per usual.  This man shows up every time with a team of photographers taking bad ass photos of his fights (shoutout to Emily and Jasmin!), and this event is no different.

This fight takes a technical start as the two opponents hand fight and wrestle on their feet for the first minute and a half.  Javier finally gets a neck clench and is able to snap down to take the match to the ground.  This is where the ground karate works its magic.

Javier plays the offensive while Morales does an expert job fending off any positions with a kimura hold and then stands and gets his back against the cage.  One would think this is NOT where the ground karate works, but Javier continues to put the pressure on with a back take attempt, and eventually pounces on Morales back with a body lock and takes the match back to the ground with two hooks in.

While Javier seems to be playing mostly on the offensive, Morales continues to play a phenomenal guard game and escapes out of the back position flawlessly.  He retains a half guard and scrambles ensue.  Back up to the feet, Morales snaps in for a quick take down of his own.  Javier plays on his back and goes for a omoplata attempt that turns into a triangle attempt, and Morales shuts it all down.  Another great attack from Javier, but Morales survives another flurry of sub attempts.  The round continues with this back and forth for the last thirty seconds, and the round ends without a clear victor.  We go into our over-time rules, where both fighters will have one minute to defend an attack from a back seatbelt position.  If the first attacker gets a tap, the defender gets the same opportunity but has to tap their opponent in a faster time.

Javier starts on Morales back, and gets off to a good start.  Morales isn’t able to shake the attack and 40 seconds in, Javier gets the tap from the back with an RNC.  Morales is given the 40 seconds to attack back, and just isn’t able to seal the deal.  Morales is knocked out and Javier is moving on to the semi-finals!

2: Jordan Wirth v Jerry Shapiro

There’s a few words out there that when you hear them, you immediately associate them with other things.  For instance, if I say “key”, you might think of  the word, “lock.”  Or if I say “Syndicate MMA”, you probably think of the Shapiro Brothers.  But when I say “buggy choke”.. there’s one person in particular that comes to mind.  And that’s Jordan Wirth.

Jordan Wirth out of 10th Planet Vegas reppin’ Jardin Vegas is matched up against one of the Shap Bros legends Jerry Shapiro.  We’ve seen both of these contenders on the mats before, but never in a match against one another.

Jordan is a guard player, and goes right to business.  Announcer Kevin Crane mentions passingly, “you’ve got to look out for that buggy choke these days..” Jerry finds himself struggling to pass Jordan’s guard and as soon as he gets to side control, Jordan slips right into a buggy choke, almost as if he allowed the pass to happen for this moment.  And I will just say, this buggy is TIGHT.  Jerry tries to shake it and brace himself with his own arm, but it’s just too deep to break.  He submits, and Jordan Wirth is moving to the semi-finals.

3: Brady Wicklund v Chris Dempsey

We’ve seen Brady Wicklund numerous times at High Rollerz, always repping his green Game Up Nutrition rashie.  Chris Dempsey, coming out of the Mat Factory and repping Khalifa Kush.

As soon as this match starts, one thing is clear: Brady is here to put on a show.  He comes in with what Jeff Glover calls the ‘donkey guard’, and is playing this confident stand-up style but is also leaping in for take downs.  Stylistically it all looks badass, and he even gets a good ankle pick out of some crazy backwards leap he does, which takes the match to the ground.

From the ground, Brady sinks in an inverted triangle and then starts attacking Dempsey’s other arm.  Dempsey defends and gets to his feet, but Brady isn’t letting go of that triangle.  A great photo opp, wouldn’t you say?

Dempsey picks Wicklund up about 4 feet off the ground, and decides to reintroduce Wicklund to the ground with the most epic slam of the evening.  When he does, Wicklund wastes no time in recovering and keeping the attack going.  He stands up, shakes it off, and the two are back on their feet.  Not for long though, because Chris Dempsey f*ckin’ yeets Wicklund across the cage.  Wicklund stays on the ground, flicks Dempsey off and taunts him to the ground.  They go back and forth for the remainder of time with a few more triangle attempts from Wicklund, but the round goes the distance, and the two competitors find themselves in overtime.

Dempsey starts on Wicklunds back, and within the first 10 seconds Wicklund finds his way out of the position and into guard.  He survives the remainder of the round and then takes Dempsey’s back.  Dempsey starts, and like the beast that he is stands up with Wicklund on his back.  Another impressive show of strength and skill from both competitors, but neither can find the tap, and it goes to our sudden death round.  1 minute, first one to score points wins.  If the minute passes with no points, it goes to ref decision.

As soon as sudden death begins, Brady Wicklund pulls guard, negating points.  The timer runs out and the round goes to decision.  Brady Wicklund gets his hand raised via decision and is heading to the semi-finals.

4: Arnold Jiminez v Travis Brooks

Arnold Jiminez comes in first, out of OG Training Center and repping Insane OG, which is BReal’s (Cypress Hill) company.  Travis Brooks comes in focused and with a slight weight advantage in the face off by about 25 lbs.

The two dab it up and Travis goes in to blast a double leg takedown.  This puts him in a tight guillotine position with Jiminez sinking it in deeper as the two scramble around the mats.  It’s looking grim for Brooks but he manages to escape.  Jiminez gets to his feet, Brooks plays his guard, but Arnold Jiminez goes for another guillotine attempt.  Brooks manages to escape again, staying underneath Jiminez and trapping one of his legs.  Arnold knows right away he is in danger and tries to escape, but eventually Brooks gets a reverse heel hook submission.

It looked pretty damn impressive – I’d definitely recommend watching the tape on this one.  Kevin Crane even said that he just showed Brooks this move moments before the fight, which is even more impressive!

5: Javier Garcia v Jordan Wirth

If you saw last month’s 420 Special, we saw Jordan Wirth match up against Javier Garcia just last month.  The match went the distance and Jordan got the W, but everybody wanted to see that match ran back because it was such a close one.  Well, we got our wish granted here in the semi-finals a month later with these two badasses matching up again to see who gets their hand raised in Wirth v Garcia 2.

Jordan immediately plays his guard game, which if you haven’t learned in his match history, is dangerous as hell.  He keeps his shin in between him and Garcia, playing his space.  Javier is able to snatch a quick heel hook attempt but Jordan is able to escape and the two separate.  Back to open guard game with Wirth’s shin in between him and his opponent, and if you don’t realize the pattern yet, you see here it works like clockwork.  From this position, Jordan let’s his knee shield get passed and his opponent thinks they’re safe to push into side control.  With that momentum, Jordan goes into his signature buggy choke attempt.  It works every time.  Every.  Damn.  Time.  Unless you’re reading this and fighting him next month.  If that’s the case, LOOK OUT.  You heard it here first, folks.

Javier finds himself in this rather uncomfortable position on the bring of unconsciousness for about 40 seconds, but is able to survive the effort and escape!  Jordan seems to have emptied his gas tank a little bit with that attempt and Javier is able to pass to full mount.  Meanwhile, Jordan uses his flexibility to do some more wild shit that one would think isn’t humanly possible.  But once again, we’re talking about Jordan Wirth here.  This guy just might not be human and nobody’s caught on yet.

From this insane full mount..triangle..position that Jordan defends himself with, he finds himself in a nice leg entrapment with Garcia and begins looking for the heel.  He finds it, and there’s no where for Javier Garcia to go.  Within seconds of the attack, the tap follows.  After an impressive match, Jordan Wirth, the most flexible man on the planet, is going to the finals.

6: Brady Wicklund v Travis Brooks

These two pair up at the same weight with Brooks having a slight height advantage.  Brooks immediately pulls guard and Wicklund goes for an ankle attack in response.  Brooks escapes with a quick roll and the two find themselves in a dangerous 50/50 with leg attacks galore.  It seems like the flurry is over and Travis gets comfortable with his leg a little too far out.  Brady Wicklund sees that and snatches it up for a quick heel hook and the round is over within the first minute.  Brady Wicklund is heading to the finals against Jordan Wirth!

7: Brandon Bowen v Trap Gambino

Brandon Bowen, who got his start on Vine is now a well known internet sensation with over 300k followers on Instagram.  Trap Gambino, another internet sensation, has also had his fair share of MMA bouts.  Both of these talented fighters come from heavier versions weightclasses and have both cut an impressive amount of weight.  Meanwhile, this is another one of those Big vs Mighty situations, where Brandon Bowen weighs 190lbs these days, and Trap comes in at a 335lb advantage after losing over 100lbs throughout his MMA career.  That’s still a 145lb weight difference – that’s like one Alexander Volkanovski.  This guy weighs one Alex Volkanovski more than Brandon Bowen..holy shit!

The two square up in the center of the ring and Brandon puts the pressure onto Trap until they’re up against the wall.  He grabs a leg and gets a single leg takedown against the cage!  They go to the ground and Trap Gambino keeps Brandon in a halfguard.  Brandon attempts a kimura and as Trap defends, he passes the leg and jumps into full mount.  He starts to sink in a head and arm choke, and then slices his knee across Trap Gambino and get’s into position.  A few moments later, and Brandon Bowen gets the tap.  What a fight for this competitors first match in High Rollerz!  We hope to see them both back at some point.

8: Durb Morrison v Mac Lethal

Durb Morrison is an incredible tattoo artists out of Columbus, Ohio and probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  Mac Lethal, is known for spittin’ hot fire on the microphone and has been in the rap game for over a decade.  He’s been on tracks with Tech N9ne and has numerous albums out worth giving a listen.  But careers aside, these two are about to duke it out on the mats.  This will be a gi purple belt match, and the only gi match of the evening.

The two dab it up in the middle of the ring and get to it.  Thirty seconds in and Durb goes for a guard pull, but uses it for a quick butterfly sweep.  The two scramble against the cage and Mac Lethal defends Durb’s attacks, but throughout the scramble Durb is slowly pulling Mac’s gi out of his belt to potentially use it for a lapel choke.  Two minutes into the round and Durb yanks that gi over Mac’s head and gets a scissor choke attempt!  Mac defends in half guard but as soon as Durb moves into north south, it’s looking..lethal for Mac.

Mac Lethal defends for as long as he possibly can, but Durb Morrison secures the submission and takes home the W!  He gets $1,000 to spend at our exclusive dispensary Jardin, and a new dab rig from our sponsor Dr. Dabber!  Congrats to Durb and Mac for putting on an exceptional performance!

9: Jordan Wirth v Brady Wicklund

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  10th Planet’s Jordan Wirth against NorCal Fighting Alliance’s Brady Wicklund – who might I add is reppin’ Nate Diaz’s company Game Up Nutrition, while the man himself is in the building watching the fight.  No pressure or anything.

The round starts with Jordan playing his guard, and Brandon is even taunting him a little bit here and there giving his ankle up.  There’s one thing for certain: both of these competitors are sharp.  They know their skills and aren’t afraid to give a little to take it all.

15 seconds in and Wicklund does an amazing cartwheel to pass into sidecontrol.  I’m seriously going to watch that pass a hundred times until I can pull off a shitty version of it in class next week.  He tries a knee on belly, Jordan reposes guard, and with that Wicklund snatches up a tight toe hold on Wirth!  Wirth rolls like a damn alligator to escape the position and after rolling across the entire cage, he is safe for seconds until Brady switches to an outside heel hook.  Jordan realizes he is in danger but still defends for a few more seconds.  Brady is only doing leg lock attempts on the leg lock specialist, so this is definitely entertaining to watch.

Brady secures another heel hook attempt and the two begin to roll across the mat again.  Two rolls in and Jordan finally taps to the attack.  Brady Wicklund is the champion of the event’s 8-man bracket, and Nate Diaz was there to watch the whole spectacle.  What a badass event!

Well, there you have it folks.  Another night of cannabis infused jiu jitsu.  We hope you enjoyed the recap and hope to see you next month.

Tune in next month for our Elite 8 Bracket on June 11th at 7pm!

Want to compete in High Rollerz?  Register to compete in our July Open Tournament on 7/10!  Open to all belts, men + women, no-gi & absolute. This is our only Open we have planned currently. Pull through if you think you want this smoke.  See you then!




Director: Matt Staudt
Producers: Mike Imber + Matt Staudt
Host: ‘Big Lonn’ Howard + Matt Perino
Commentators: Stephan Bonnar + Kevin Crane
Referee: Darren Branch
Head of Production: Edwardo Vasquez
Lighting: Philip Franzone & Dylan Frank
Sound: Sal Rotolo
Head of Photography: Paul Adams
Art: Jud Lively + Michael Carroll
Crew: Jair Romero & Joaquin Rivera
Security: Elite Security Specialists, LLC

Produced & owned by BAM Productions

Event Recaps



We know know if you’re reading this, you were most likely blazing it up on 4/20.  But, do you know how much High Rollerz loves 4/20?  So much that they celebrate it four f*ckin’ days early.  And THEN we run it back on 4/20 proper.

That’s right, last weekend we celebrated our 420 Open Tournament Special from 10am all the way into the wee hours of the next morning.  All throughout the day we had our open registration tournament going on and the entire High Rollerz HQ was packed with our amazing sponsors.  Originals from San Diego had a VIP lounge set up for the fights, the Jardin girls supporting the best premium cannabis dispensary in the state, and you can’t forget Dr. Dabber’s Dab Bar, where many high rollers would be spotted in between their matches using the best glass and some great wax from Swank Tools.  Guys, we even had a massage table with a massage therapist (you’re the man, Smokey) helping our fighters get right pre and post fight.

You can watch the whole event on our YouTube page where you’ll be carried through the action by UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar and his cohost, world renown black belt badass Andy Varela.  We even had Rob Van Dam, Roy Nelson and Yair Rodriguez step in to call a fight.  With sports broadcaster Alex Wendling interviewing numerous celebrities and fighters in the house, this entire event was lit.  Read along for the play by play of the main card, or go view it on our YouTube for yourself.


During the 420 Open that took place all day at High Rollerz HQ,  each bracket consisted of an absolute weight class tournament style matches for each belt division.  Where the big meet the mighty and subs are encouraged, this was a jam packed day.  Each bracket ended up with two final fighters, which carried over into the main event.  The first four matches of the evening were our white, blue, purple, and brown belt divisions’ finals match.  Each victor was rewarded a trophy, a High Rollerz gold chain, some flower from Swank Genetics, and a $250 gift card to Jardin Premium Dispensary.

The white belts put on a great show with a few knee bar attempts and sudden-death overtime, the blues ended with an impressive kataga tami, the purple belt match with an inverted heel hook, and the brown ended up with a lightning fast submission within the first 25 seconds.  Shout out to our 420 Open winners Michael Cavada, Jacobi Jones, Jason Patterson, and Mark Elliott.  All of these matches displayed some incredible athletic ability.  But the night is young, and we’re only getting started.  From here, we take it over to our female round robin division, where a new female will carry the belt home as the champion in our intermediate division.

Zaira Cousins v Jonafina Torres

Zaira Cousins comes from Zenith Jiu Jitsu and I’ll just say, this gym runs DEEP at our High Rollerz tournaments.  Cousins comes out with a great head clench and goes straight to a double leg takedown.  In the scramble, Torres plays a good open guard but eventually is passed by Zaira with a d’arce attempt.  Jonafina maintains a guard until Zaira finally sinks in her bicep and gets that d’arce nice and deep.  With the tap, Zaira Cousins is going to the finals.

Maria Favela v Jonafina Torres

Let’s start off by saying Jonafina is a soldier.  She was coming freshly off of that d’arce and before she even left the ring she told referee Darren Branch, “give me thirty seconds, I’m ready to go again.”  What a badass!  Unfortunately for her, Maria Favela also hails from Zenith Jiu Jitsu.

With a similar start, Favela grabs a one hand neck clench and goes for a takedown.  Jonafina’s open guard gets them both back to a standup, but shortly later Favela pressures Torres against the wall and lands a clean single leg trip.  The scrambles continue, but Favela seems to be the one attacking and Torres the one defending with a few counter-attacks.  With just over thirty seconds left, Favela assumes the full mount position and while Torres continues to defend, she finally makes the fatal mistake of giving up an arm.  Favela snatches it up to check if it bends backwards, and makes her way to the finals against her teammate.

Zaira Cousins v Maria Favela
(The Ol’ Drysdale Zenith Shakedown)

Zenith on Zenith on Zenith!  Both Zaira and Maria come into the ring wearing Purple Zenith BJJ rashies, both with their hair up in a bun, you know, to make it extra easy for us to tell them apart.  One thing we know at this point – Drysdale Zenith will be taking the belt home one way or another.

Another thing we know is our friend and UFC fighter Yair Rodriguez sat in to call this fight with Stephan Bonnar.  Jump over to the YouTube channel to check it out.

Maria and Zaira kick it off at a good pace.  They eventually make their way to the cage by the announcer booth and Zaira jumps into a guillotine.  Favella’s arm is in so there’s a chance she can escape, but when the two fell to the ground, Zaira sank the choke in even tighter and got the tap.  A brief rivalry between teammates, and at the end a friendly middle finger is exchanged.  That’s not a way to treat the NEW High Rollerz Intermediate Champion, Maria!

A great match between teammates and friends; congratulations to the champ Zaira Cousins and to Drysdale for another victory in the High Rollerz books.

Julian Vanderlinded v Nathan Hagberg

Nathan Hagberg has been seen on the High Rollerz mats before and while this is Julian Vanderlinden’s first, he has been seen on mats around the world, including Abu Dhabi’s Grand Slam Competition.  We would know that Nathan Hagberg fights out of AZ Combat Sports, but it seems like he forgot his rashguard at the crib.

This match opened up with a lot of handfighting as the two fighters jockey for position.  Vanderlinden goes in for a heel hook and from there establishes back control.  Hagberg defends for as long as he can but eventually Vanderlinden gets the tap.  He’s moving on to the finals.

David Zennario v Michael Medrano

This is another one of those Big v Mighty scenarios.  David Zennario, AKA “Super Dave” comes weighing in at a buck fourty-five and Michael Medrano walks into the cage, yoked to the teeth, and kind of resembles Yoel Romero’s stunt double.  The match takes off pretty quickly and Medrano puts on a lot of pressure.  Super Dave however, has an amazing open guard that proves to be virtually impossible to pass.  They go the distance with some impressive jiu jitsu from both competitors.  Super Dave plays his super guard, and the match goes to overtime.

David takes Medrano’s back first in overtime, but Medrano was able to escape and stand up; they run the clock.  Medrano starts on Zennario’s back, and when finally given the opportunity to start in a position past guard, he sinks in a powerful RNC and seals his way to the finals against Julian Vanderlinden!

Julian Vanderlinden v Michael Medrano

While Vanderlinden comes out with a height advantage, Medrano comes out with his shirt off and his abs have abs..so he has that advantage.  And UFC Hall of Famer Roy Nelson is guest calling these fights..so WE have that advantage!

Julian Vanderlinden comes out of Gracie Barra and Michael Medrano from Aesthetic Temple.  Vanderlinden eventually gets a takedown against the cage and from there finds a deep d’arce.  A moment later and Julian gets the tap.  Julian Vanderlinden is the black belt winner of the High Rollerz 420 Open and is a straight up badass!  He gets a trophy, some cash to spend at Jardin Dispensary, and some fresh flower handed over from Swank Tools.  Congrats, my dude.


Sports broadcaster Alex Wendling was in the middle of interviewing AJ Agazarm before his bout with Kevin Crane when all of a sudden the High Rollerz headquarters starts echoing with the sounds of a traditional Maori haka blasting from the ring entrance.  Tiki Aquino is pacing back and forth with his tongue and eyes blasting out of his face, looking intimidating as hell, and yelling like a madman.  Sorry Alex, cut the interview short.  If it wasn’t known before then, it is now clearly known, Tiki Aquino is in the f*cking ZONE.

Bulletproof Troop walks his way into the ring shortly after, looking confident as hell with his iconic chain necklace and golden hand grenade on it.  This dude looks like a boss out of Street Fighter.  He makes his way to the center of the ring, throws one fist in the air and poses like a badass.  He and Tiki square up, Darren Branch standing by to step in (good luck with that, buddeh), and this fight looks like it’s going to get started before the round begins.  Pro Wrestler RVD steps in with Stephan Bonnar to commentate on the action!

Right out the gate, Bulletproof Troop gets Tiki against the cage.  He may be a purple belt in catch wrestling, but his pressure is very evident in this match.  Troop gets Tiki to the ground, but all the while Tiki stays calm and collected like a pro.  His guard game is a good match against Troop’s top pressure, but eventually he flattens Tiki out on his stomach.  With Tiki’s primal instinct, he’s able to thrash out of the position, and we find these two beasts back on their feet.  The crowd goes absolutely wild.

Troop finds his way on top again and Tiki keeps playing a sharp ground game, but it just seems that Troop overpowers the situation.  Troop goes for his signature move, a double wrist lock (which is a fancy name for kimura!), but Tiki is able to escape once again.  The match goes the distance, and we go to overtime with Troop taking the back first.

This is where things turn around.  Tiki is able to escape the grip and he finds his way into Troops closed guard.  Then, from there, he is able to get a back take on Troop!  He isn’t able to finish a sub within the minute, and the two switch places, only to come to stalemate again.  We go to sudden death, and within a few moments, Troop goes in for a takedown.  Tiki sprawls, but we see that catch wrestling in action where Bulletproof Troop gets an impressive reversal and takes the point for the W!  What an epic match!


Ryder Newman comes out reppin’ a fresh Swank Tools rashie and fighting out of Xtreme Couture, while UFC fighter Martin Sano out of Nick Diaz Academy, comes in rocking a Khalifa Kush rashguard.  We know these guys aren’t messing around because they both have impressive records in MMA and for a good while, these two are playing their standup game.  Eventually, Ryder Newman takes advantage of the cage and gets a takedown.  They get back to their feet and reset in the middle.

Ryder pulls off another beautiful duck-under and gets a second takedown, but Sano recovers again quickly.  But we start to see a pattern when Ryder goes for yet another snappy double leg and gets yet another successful takedown.  They ground wrestle for a while but the timer runs out.  We’re going to overtime.

Sano takes Ryder’s back first but can’t get the tap.  The tables turn, and once again no submission was available.  Sudden death, first takedown wins.  And with the pattern we saw throughout the match, Ryder Newman lands the fourth takedown of the fight and gets the win!


UFC Welterweight comes out of the smoke and into the ring fighting out of Syndicate MMA with a very familiar face in his coaches corner – Donald f*cking Cerrone.  He finds himself up against the VIBES backed fighter Albert Morales who we have seen put on numerous amazing fights in the High Rollerz cage, and also in the UFC octagon.  One thing for sure, is this is going to be a badass match.

The two contenders find themselves in some great scrambles but both seem very calm and collected and keep on getting back to their feet.  Morales is persistent with his takedown attempts and submission attacks but Stolze doesn’t flinch to any of it.  With a minute and a half left in the match we see a solid standing guillotine attempt from Albert Morales but once again, Stolze finds his way out of it.  At the end of the match, Morales jumps for a flying triangle but accidentally gives his back in the exchange.  With 14 seconds left, Stolze doesn’t have enough time to finish.  We’re going to overtime, baby – and Stolze is taking the back first.

In the first overtime, Morales is able to rotate and get out of the back take.  The timer runs out the fighters switch position with Morales on Stolze’s back.  Same situation, the two stand up and kill the time.  But that leads us to the best sudden-death of the night!  The two go back and forth between submission attempts and takedown attempts, and it’s a very even match.  The sudden death timer expires, and it goes to referee decision.  After an impressive match from both contenders, Albert Morales gets his hand raised in the end.  Our High Rollerz vet takes another W home to his school.


We’ve seen both of these fighters in past High Rollerz.  Each is known for their past badassery, so we expect nothing less when either Jordan Wirth or Javier Garcia enter the cage.

Jordan Wirth scoots to the middle trying to get Javier into his leggie danger zone, but Javier finds his way past and gets into side control.  But with 10th Planet on the mats, you’ve got to watch that buggie choke from here!  And sure enough, Jordan goes for the buggie and almost gets it but Javier does a great job defending.  The match stays on the ground for several minutes in side and half control, neither fighter able to establish a dominating position, but Javier maintains on top while Jordan maneuvers his sneaky bottom game.  The two continue going back and forth, and we have ourselves a very evenly fought match.  The timer goes off, and we’re heading into overtime.  Even there, we find ourselves in a stalemate.  How about sudden death?  Are we going to conclusion there?  The answer is…no!  These mofos are evenly matched!  We go to ref’s decision and Jordan Wirth gets his hand raised.

Rumors have it these two are trying to run it back without a timer..let’s f*cking go.


Both Calvillo and Robertson weigh in at 125 lbs and are both UFC fighters looking at a 10-minute match for the female super championship belt.  Gillian currently is the champ, but Calvillo’s comin’ in hot for that belt.

Gillian starts her game off by playing guard in the center of the ring. She does a great job defending but Calvillo eventually finds her way to side control.  The two scramble and continue to play Gillian’s open and half guard game.  Five minutes in and we’re in Gillian’s closed guard.  The back and forth between closed, open, and half continue until the ten minutes are up.  The third match in a row to go the distance, but still very entertaining high level jiu jitsu to watch!  Props to both opponents.

Sure enough, both overtimes go the distance and we find ourselves in another sudden death round.  Thirty seconds in Gillian is defending a takedown, Cynthia Calvillo jumps onto Gillian’s back to get the points, the win, AND the Female Super Championship belt.  Well deserved for the new champ, Cynthia Calvillo!


Last stop – the hype train has arrived at the main event of the evening.  We’ve got AJ Agazarm repping Herbarium stepping into the cage first followed by Game Up Nutrition’s own Kevin “Remember the Name” Crane and this guy just oozes confidence.  The entire day in the podcast room Kevin and AJ have been relaxing getting prepared for the fight, but barely exchanged a word.  The smoke was thick in the room between these two, because they both knew that this moment would come.

What’s something you would never expect a jiu jitsu player to do in a match?  Lay flat on their back, like they’re in a hammock drinkin’ out of a coconut on a f*ckin beach somewhere?  Yeah, well that’s what Kevin Crane does.  And don’t you forget it.


AJ, flabbergasted, approaches this prone Crane and jumps around him like a gazelle, trying to figure out the best way to approach this situation.  AJ takes full mount (smart choice), but Kevin pushes him off and flips the situation to his favor with a heel hook (holy shit!).  The two stand up, knuck it up, and get back to it.  Kevin Crane pulls guard (calmly, mind you).  AJ was able to sniff out the attacks, break guard, and get back to his feet.  AJ gets a nice single leg attempt, but Kevin just turns it into a head and arm guillotine.  But with as many attacks as Crane pulls, we learn one thing: AJ Agazarm is tough as shit!  He’s staying just as persistent with his aggression towards Crane, but Crane remains as cool as cucumber.

The two get back to their feet and get into some hand fighting and Crane pulls a flying omoplata attempt but was unable to land it.  With Crane on the ground and AJ trying to pass, he does a cartwheel pass to get to the other side of Kevin but winds up in a NASTY armbar situation.  At this point, I personally thought it was over and had an ambulance on speed-dial, but AJ’s elbow must be made out of adamantium or some thing because this mofo won’t tap if his life depended on it.

But alas, AJ doesn’t tap and escapes with a mangled arm.  Once again, the two dab it up because that was impressive.  This whole match is!

The timer runs out and we go to our two rounds of over time, where neither opponent is able to submit each other.  Sudden death begins and once again – stalemate.  So this leaves it up to referee Darren Branch’s decision.  And the winner is…


Crane remains the champion, AJ put on one hell of a fight, and we are graced with another amazing match up in the High Rollerz cage.

As another 4/20 passes, we want to thank all of those who showed up to the High Rollerz Headquarters for our special event this month, especially those who competed.  If you are looking to compete in our next Open, we will be opening our books again for our July tournament.  Either way we will see you next month, May 14th, for our Celebrity Open!  Until then, high rollers!



Event Recaps



Ahh, you can smell the season change in the air.  But if you were within a square mile of the High Rollerz HQ on the night of March 19th, you’d be smellin’ something else.


High Rollerz 13 hit hard last weekend with 8 teams of 3 (each consisting of 2 black belts and 1 brown belt except for one team of last minute heroes) who fought in elimination matches to the finals.  The style resembled quintet style rules (with 3 fighters instead of 5), where when one opponent is submitted or goes to decision, the victor remains in the cage and is matched up against the next opponent from the other team.  First team with all 3 contenders defeated is eliminated from the tournament.  If you’re curious about our official rules, you can check out our official ruleset here.

You can read along for a play-by-play, or check out the action on our YouTube page where you’ll be carried through the action by UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar and our very own, the incredible Jessica Eye!

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar @stephanbonnar and UFC fighter and High Rollerz OG, Jessica Eye @jessicaevileye!

BKFC Champ Bomaye Arnold Adams @arnold.bomaye.adams kickin’ it with the two High Rollerz boss dogs, Mighty Matt and Big Lonn

1: Goleta Locs v Southshore

Right out the gate, this event started out blazing.  Rhenan Henrique, a black belt from team Goleta Locs matched up against Ricky Rozay from team Southshore.  And can we just say, Roszay stepped up as a blue belt to compete in this competition.  The cajones on this man – much respect.  But within two minutes of the match, Henrique quickly showed why he is a black belt.  After a quick guard pull to a heel hook, Rozay was trapped, and Henrique got the tap.  This puts him up against team Southshore’s next opponent, Fernando Gonzales.

Fernando Gonzales is a veteran in combat, and also a becoming a vet on the mats at a purple belt.  He steps in and immediately starts to engage with Henrique and attempts a guard pull after some cage work.  But this puts him in danger!  Because as we see on display early in the evening, Rhenan Henrique knows a thing or two about leg attacks.  He gets the second tap of the evening with a straight ankle (after numerous heel attacks from both fighters).  Now we see Henrique match up against team Southshore’s Joseph Goodman.

Goodman rolls in with some immediate leg attacks of his own.  Rhenan returns fire with his own heel hook and knee bar attempts and Goodman spins out of everything like a freakin’ ninja, ending up on top and in control.  They eventually stand up, but shortly after Rhenan sits down to pull guard.  I don’t blame him, the dude’s tired.  He just fought off two other guys before this beast.  After a few more leg lock attempts, they stand up, work the cage, and after Goodman sprawls for a takedown, they exhaust the timer and Goodman gets the first hand raised for team Southshore of the evening!

As brief and triumphant a victory as it was, shortly after Joe Tussing came into the cage for team Goleta Locs and cleaned up with a quick guillotine.  Team Goleta Locs makes it through the first round of elimination!

2: Hooligans v Ronin Jiu Jitsu

Rafael Domingos is the owner of Ronin Jiu Jitsu, and put a team together from his school.  We’ve seen his school’s fighters on the mats before and they put on an impressive performance each time.

Team Hooligan’s first fighter on the mats is Jose Munoz, who’s up against Ronin’s Henrique Fernandes.  Both of them displayed great defense in what came up to be mostly a stalemate.  Both exchanged takedown attempts, guard positions, and neither could get the tap.  Munoz from team Hooligan gets the decision after having a little more gas in his tank than Fernandes.

He’s up against Ronin’s Jean Pereira next.  And we’ve seen Pereira’s skill before at High Rollerz 11 up against Jordan Wirth.  He comes out and immediately puts the pressure onto Munoz against the cage and goes for a back take against the cage but shortly after goes to the ground and attempts a guillotine and then a triangle in a quick series of attacks.  Munoz defends with a double underhook and continues to lay pressure onto Jean Pereira.  Pereira sinks in a De La Riva guard but Jose Munoz does some great defense of his own and sinks in a gnarly heel hook attempt.  They both gator roll back to the middle and Pereira explodes out with almost a backflip into top head control.  The crowd goes wild, but Pereira’s not done.  He traps Munoz’s leg and goes for a head and arm choke to quickly receive a tap.

Pereira finds himself up against Hooligan’s Issa Able next, and Issa comes out with some serious pressure.  Jean is trying to play guard but Able continues the knee slices and pass attempts until they both stand again.  As soon as they do, Issa goes for a leg take, finds himself playing guard, and quickly gets both his legs over Pereira’s head for a deep armbar.  Pereira taps, and Issa finds his way to the final opponent from Ronin’s trio, Matheus Guada.

The round starts as each opponent sizes one another up.  Things get heated with a few leg sweeps (or kicks, we’ll let you decide) but eventually the fight goes to the ground.  Matheus plays a beautiful butterfly guard, but Issa is able to pass right before the round ends.  As a draw, the match is settled with overtime.

In overtime, Issa starts on Guada’s back and gets a neck crank in :34 seconds.   Guada attempts to beat that time in his round of overtime and really goes for it with some spinning sh*t (a flying armbar for those technical blokes) but doesn’t get the tap before the time surpasses the :34 mark.

Team Hooligans moves on to the next round and team Ronin is out!

3: 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu v Zenith Jiu Jitsu

First off let’s start by saying team Zenith was in the HOUSE with about thirty members from their gym in the from seats at our event.  When their team were called to the cage, they blew the roof off with next level hype.  That’s what we’re talking about.

There were multiple 10th Planet teams competing at this event out of different states, but the one that donned the team moniker is the 10th Planet out of Las Vegas.  And the words “Zenith Jiu Jitsu” and “Robert Drysdale” carry their own weight at any jiu jitsu competition.  So everyone knew this match would be a banger.  First up for 10p is Luis Navarro and for team Zenith is Nick Hartmann.

Immediately the action takes off with Navarro attempting to take down Hartman against the wall, but Hartman fends him off with a guillotine.  Navarro remains persistent against the cage and eventually gets both of Nick’s legs and slams him onto the mat.  He then continues to keep Nick’s head against the cage to keep him from maneuvering on his back, but Nick eventually swings his leg up for a triangle and then a gogoplata attempt.  Luis defends, but Nick eventually gets a kimura hold from the bottom and uses it to sweep to the top!  He maintains the grip to completion with a tap from Luis Navarro.  A great match!  Nick finds himself against Mike Lady.

Mike Lady came in sparing no time with some immediate takedown attempts.  Hartman did his signature guillotine attacks from the takedowns, but Lady was successful in taking the fight to the ground.  Mike stayed on Nick’s back until he set up a north-south choke, but then went to a STRONG guillotine from the top.  And with that, he gets the tap at the 3:25 marker, with just over a minute in a half into the match.

Drew Palomo steps in for team Zenith and this dude’s looking strong as hell.  Some hand fighting ensues and Palomo takes Mike down with an overhook grip and pulls guard.  They don’t stay there for long because Palomo quickly sets up an inverted shoulder lock from that butterfly guard, and quickly receives the tap.  This was one of those moments where if you blink you might miss it.  Drew Palomo goes on to fight 10th Planet’s final fighter Jordan Wirth.  Rumor has it, he wears no gi.

A quick start to to Drew Palomo v Jordan Wirth as Ayala springs into guard with a guillotine attempt that takes the fight the ground.  The guillotine looks tight but Jordan manages to survive!  Palomo switches up to a triangle attempt, and from there Jordan displays his insane flexibility and escapes to be on top and unleashes some attacks of his own.  After a buggy choke attempt gone gogoplata from Wirth’s insane guard, Palomo snaps into a knee bar attempt.  Clearly a great matchup between athleticism and flexibility on display here.  The time eventually runs out after five minutes of intensity, and Jordan gets his hand raised by the ref.

Wirth is immediately put up against another opponent with Morris Ayala.  It goes quick – Jordan goes for a imanari but quickly gets stuffed, passed, and subbed with a hard kimura.  Morris Ayala takes Zenith to the semi-finals.

4: Stoner Bros v Honebadger

Stoner Bros comes out the gate with Miguel Enrique up first against team Honeybadger’s Alika Anderman.  Alika gets the initial takedown against the cage on Enrique.  Anderman uses the cage to his advantage and maintains control for a while.  Enrique maintained a nice half guard and brought the match back up their feet.  Alika was able to keep control against the cage standing as well, and brought it back down to the ground.  Once again Enrique maintains half guard again and begins to attack a kimura.  Alika maintains control and wins by decision.  Up next, Tiki Aquino.

Tiki comes out guns a blazin’ with some impressive footwork and then a double leg shoot.  He gets the back, runs Anderman against the cage and uses the momentum for a foot sweep take down and goes in for a flurry of attacks.  This guy is sylistically wild, and his movements are unpredictable.  Tiki continued to sap Alika’s energy with his knee on belly position and making his opponent carry his weight.  After a full round of top pressure, Tiki Aquino gets his hand raised to go against Hosea Kim next from team Honeybadger.

Hosea Kim comes out looking strong but Tiki Aquino still has some gas in the tank.  These two go back and forth with for the first four minutes and Kim finally establishes a back control.  But not for long!  Ending the round with an armbar attempt, Hosea Kim gets his hand raised after an action packed five minutes.

Next up, Chepe Machinegun comes in for team Stoner Bros to see what Kim has left.  And immediately, he takes Kim down and sinks an armbar.  From there, Tim Silva comes in for team Honeybadger.

Chepe comes out moving like an absolute animal with what looked like some wrestling background.  Silva gets pressed up against the cage but takes Chepe down with a judo throw.  The energy output on this match was nuts!  Both are essentially coming in fresh at 100% so both are exchanging takedowns, recoveries, and explosive action.  Neither can get the tap in the five minute round, and we see it go to overtime!

In overtime, Chepe quickly gets an armbar within 10 seconds of his overtime on the back.  Silva has to respond with equal speed or team Honeybadger is out of the tournament.  It wasn’t an easy time to beat, and Chepe ended up getting the W for team Stoner Bros.

5: Roman Mori v Luke Sanchez
For the #1 Contender in Purple

Roman Mori was last seen at High Rollerz 9 War Games, where veterans from separate branches matched against one another, and now he’s enlisted again in the High Rollerz ranks to fight for the #1 purple belt contender against Luke Sanchez.

After some fighting for double underhooks, Sanchez goes for a great sweep but Mori quickly recovers.  Mori makes his way to top mount, eventually takes Sanchez’ back, and sinks in a deep RNC.  Sanchez taps, and Roman Mori is the new #1 purple belt contender here at High Rollerz.

6: Goleta Locs v Hooligans

Both teams were able to submit their previous opponents with one completely fresh fighter on their teams, so both brought them out first.  Hooligans’ Willie Audifre went up against Goleta Locs’ Joey Lester.  Audifre takes the top quickly, moves to north-south, and then finds himself in full mount on top of Lester.  Audifre makes a quick back take and sinks an RNC on Lester for the tap.

Next up for Goleta Locs, the guy that smiles a lot while he tries to choke people unconscious: Rhenan Henrique.

After some movement, Rhenan goes in for a quick sweep against Audifre and while successful, Willie frees himself and stands back up.  Some handfighting ensues, Audifre shoots for a single and Rhenan ends up getting his back.  While Audifre had some great attacks of his own (ending the match in a triangle as well..advantage!), it wasn’t enough to get his hand raised.  Rhenan moves forward and is up against Issa Able.  Let’s see if Issa Able to pull this off..

Rhenan Henrique and Issa Able start off with some neck wrestling, and Issa goes to pull guard.  They both go through a series of leg attacks and stand it back up.  Seems to be a pretty even match up.  Issa continues to put the pressure onto Rhenan and it starts to show.  As our announcer Stephan Bonnar says, “Rhenan put his back against the cage, put his arms out like Jesus..and got double legged.  He was kind of asking for it.”

Issa then takes top control and switches from numerous positions.  Henrique is clearly gassed, and Issa conserves his energy for the next match.  Time expires and Issa gets his hand raised.

Issa is up against a fresh Joe Tussing, who finds himself in Issa’s guard pretty quick into the match.  Issa remains aggressive with a triangle attempt that Joe barely gets out of and takes Issa’s back.  After a scramble, Tussing is once again in Issa’s guard and gets quickly armbarred.  Another one of those blink of an eye moments.  Great work by Issa Able, moving the Hooligans to the finals!

Shoutout to the babes at Jardin Dispensary!  For all your premium cannabis needs, these girls can get you up and rollin’ in no time.

7: Zenith v Stoner Bros
The Tale of Nick Hartman

Alright guys, it doesn’t get much more epic than the sh*t you’re about to hear right now.  I try and keep this narrative with no spoilers, but if you’ve made it this far, you clearly know what’s about to go down.

Team Zenith is up against team Stoner Bros.  Nick Hartman comes out for Zenith and he’s towering over the cage like Stefan Struve, but he’s looking determined and ready to rip.  Stoner Bros brings out ol’ Chepe Machinegun as their starter.  As we saw in Chepe’s first match, he’s got some skill with his takedowns.  So what does Nick think to do?  Sits down to bypass that skill, but immediately lifts Chepe over into a beautiful sweep to sidecontrol.  Nick manages a few controlling positions but eventually the two reset in the middle and once again, Nick sits down.  Some may knock it, but it’s a very intelligent strategy and hey, this is competitive jiu jitsu, baby.  Nick plays the ground game and finds a straight ankle on Chepe Machinegun for the tap.

Nick Hartman – 1
Stoner Bros – 0

Nick Hartman is now up against the wild Tiki Aquino who comes out looking wild as hell.  I don’t know what this guy is smokin’, but I want some.  Nick plays like he’s in for the long haul and sits on his butt again.  Tiki then proceeds to circle Nick like some sort of basilisk with wide eyes stalking its prey.  He eventually enters Nick’s guard with some praying mantis style walking, and Nick smiles and shrugs it off.  The pressure is on from Tiki, and then he appears to almost break out into a freaking haka above Nick.  This is some seriously wild sh*t.  They then continue to scramble back and forth throughout the match until it ends with an excellent back attack by Nick to which Tiki barely escaped in the last seven seconds.  The round ends, and Nick Hartman gets his hand raised to move ahead.  A brilliant fight fought by Tiki Aquino, but Nick Hartman has other plans tonight.

Nick Hartman – 2
Stoner Bros – 0

It’s Nick Hartman against Miguel Enrique, but Hartman see’s the finish line in the distance at this point.  He plays guard again, makes his way to half and starts attacking a kimura.  Miguel defends and even goes for a great reversal RNC but Nick explodes out of it.  The two end up against the cage and Nick keeps top pressure.  He eventually falls back into a leg lock, and Miguel tries to return the attack.  Nick remains the aggressor throughout the fight and the match goes the distance to get his hand raised by decision.  He makes it through an entire team like an absolute LEGEND and this story will go down in High Rollerz history!

Womens Brown Belt #1 Contender Bout
8: Jennifer Perez v Maira Mazar

The winner of this match finds themselves in the #1 contender position in High Rollerz ladies nogi brown belt division.  Jennifer Perez matches up against Maira Mazar in a lot of neck wrestling in the middle of the cage.  Maira maintains decent control of the center of the ring but Jennifer continues to put on the pressure.  Eventually, Maira gets a take down into Perez’ guard.  The two tussle through multiple pass attempts throughout the match but neither could find stable ground for a submission.  We move into overtime and even there we can’t find a winner!  We move into sudden death, where whoever scores first is the winner, and Maira goes in for a single leg takedown against the cage.  Maira Mazar is High Rollerz new #1 contender for the women’s nogi brown belt strap.  She will be up against Valerie Wong in an upcoming event!

9: Hooligans v Zenith

It all comes down to this.  Team Hooligans is up against team Zenith Jiu Jitsu, and they both have displayed amazing skills tonight.  Let’s see who takes the big W tonight.

Up first, legend of the night Nick Hartman against Issa Able.  A quick turn around from Nick’s grand slam, and he goes straight to his guard game again.  Issa passes and sinks a DEEP heel hook, but this guy is apparently not human.  However, whatever he is, you can tell he still does get exhausted after a while, and it starts to show.  Issa Able’s pressure is taking it’s toll on Hartman.  Shortly after, Issa gets in a guillotine from full mount and Nick Hartman finally falls.  Rest easy bro, you did great today.

Issa Able v Drew Paloma, let’s go.

Drew comes out like a bat out of hell.  He pushes Issa against the cage and uses it to take him down and after a scramble goes for a quick katagatami and gets the tap.  Palomo goes no slo mo and he’s able to move to the next opponent, Jose Munoz.

Munoz comes out with some fire as well.  We are fighting in the finals, after all.  Palomo plays his guard a bit and even throws a few jumping guillotines out, but you can see that he’s getting burned out no his second opponent as well.  Munoz uses his weight to keep the pressure on Drew, but even with that Palomo ends the round with getting Munoz’ back for some extra advantage and gets his hand raised at the end of the match!  Hot damn we’re going tit for tat here!

Drew Palomo clashes up against Willie Audifre, and Audifre comes out knowing Palomo is tired.  He jumps into a full mount position pretty quickly and capitalizes on Drews exhaustion.  But still, Drew’s got some fight left in him yet.  He pulls off an amazing sweep and comes out on top of Audifre.  Some back and forth, but eventually the bell rings and they go the distance.  While Drew had some explosions in that match, Audifre took the hand raise and we move to the final opponents of the finals.

Morris Ayala comes out of Zenith’s corner and just starts PRESSING.  He goes in for a take down and quickly wraps up the match with a head and arm choke against Willie Audifre.  Zenith takes the championship, and the entire team from Zenith goes absolutely bonkers.

Well, there you have it folks.  Another night of cannabis infused jiu jitsu.  We hope you enjoyed the recap and hope to see you next month.

Don’t forget to register to compete in our 420 Open on 4/16 the day of HR14: 420 Special!  Open to all belts, men + women, no-gi & absolute. This is our only Open we have planned currently and our first since August of last year. Come through and celebrate the holidays the best way possible.  See you then!




Director: Matt Staudt
Producers: Mike Imber + Matt Staudt
Host: ‘Big Lonn’ Howard + Matt Perino
Commentators: Stephan Bonnar + Jessica ‘Evil’ Eye
Referee: Darren Branch
Head of Production: Edwardo Vasquez
Lighting: Philip Franzone & Dylan Frank
Sound: Sal Rotolo
Photography: Paul Adams
Art: Jud Lively + Michael Carroll
Crew: Jair Romero & Joaquin Rivera
Security: Elite Security Specialists, LLC

Produced & owned by BAM Productions

Event Recaps



We have been keeping it rollin’ over here at the High Rollerz HQ this month with visits from UFC champ Brandon Moreno, up and coming Terrance Mckinney (peep that last fight!), and many other badasses within the fight game.  ESPECIALLY on the night of High Rollerz 12, where we said to hell with rashguards and put on the gi.  That’s right, an absolute tournament with ten black belts competing for the High Rollerz Gi Championship belt.  As our co-main event, MMA fighter Amanda Leve matched up against Melissa Cueto out of Alliance BJJ San Diego for the female belt.  You can read along for a play-by-play, or check out the action on our YouTube page where you’ll be carried through the action by UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar and BJJ Black Belt and World Champion Talia Marie Vaughan!

1: Tiki Aquino vs Gabriel Checco

Tiki Aquino comes out of Hit ‘Em Up Fight Team and has been seen on the mats on numerous occasions at High Rollerz, going as far back as our Cops vs. Stoners event (repping team Stoner, obviously) back at HR 9.  Gabriel Checco is a household name, or at least on the Las Vegas streets.  Running his own school Zangief Jiu Jitsu, he’s either competing, reffing, or coaching at many of the tournaments on the west coast.  The match starts with Tiki aggressive, but he quickly finds himself pinned against the cage with Checco’s pressure.  From there, Checco was able to pick Tiki up, move him to the center of the ring, and go for a takedown into top half.  After a bit of guard play, Gabriel goes for a choke that doesn’t get him the tap but a pass to side control.  A scramble commences, Tiki is playing great defense but Gabriel is relentless.  He takes Tiki’s back, sinks a body lock, BREAKS HIS FINGER (@8:15 mark!), and THEN sinks the RNC at the 3 minute mark.  Hot damn.

2: Dave Zennario vs Jean Dalua

Dave Zennario out of Vicente Junior BJJ Team matches up against Jean Dalua from A Force BJJ.  After a false start with Dalua jumping guard (against rules, the match quickly resumed and went to the ground with Dalua attempting a toe hold which Zennario defends expertly.  After a minute of some impressive 50/50 and a berimbolo by Zennario, he nearly takes Dalua’s back but Dalua remains persistent with his foot attacks making Zennario lose the position.  Some impressive gi play and back take attempts from both fighters, and eventually Dalua finds himself on his feet and jumps back into a straight ankle lock.  After a bit of defense from Zennario, Dalua rolls with the ankle towards the cage and gets the tap.  An impressively technical match from both competitors.

3: Armando Esquer vs Rodrigo Gutierrez

This match starts off with Armando grabbing a quick half-guard pull in the middle of the cage.  Guitierrez makes for an excellent scramble and chases for Armando’s back but Armando takes it back to the ground with a kimura grip.  Rodrigo passes the kimura attack and goes for a d’arce attempt.  This match includes some beautiful scrambling throughout.  Armando takes a deep half from the bottom, and Rodrigo’s continues to pressure from top until he takes side control and eventually full mount.  From there, Gutierrez lays heavy pressure on and sneaks an ezekiel choke under the throat.

That’s right, an ezekiel choke, cause we’re wearing gis up in this b*tch.  Chokin’ people with your own shirts!

4: Austin Baker vs James Wilson

The mere sight of Austin Baker strikes James Wilson with fear and makes him leave the premises.  Austin Baker, representing, Sol Jiu Jitsu, wins by forfeit.

5: Albert Morales vs Leandro Rounaud

Albert Morales comes out to the mats, chiefs one down, and when the smoke clears his hand is raised by referee Darren Branch.  Good times all around.

6: Moises “Honey Badger” Antonio Lopez vs Bill “The Grill” Cooper

Nobody pulls off red like Bill “The Grill” Cooper, who rocked a red gi representing BJJ Fanatics.  Meanwhile, ol’ “Honey Badger” Moises Antonio Lopez was decked out with a black and yellow Wu-Tang gi with ‘Bring Da Ruckus!’ written across the back.  Anyway, enough about badass gis, let’s get to the match.  Cooper shoots to take half guard and push forward but Lopez rolls over to find himself in a favorable leg entrapment.  Bill maintains a figure four as a defense to the attack but Lopez maintains on top, postured back, and attempting numerous footlocks.  As Bill puts some pressure on to come on top, “Honey Badger” finally finds the successful footlock and gets the tap.

7: Paulo Andre Lanzillotti vs Javier Torres

After a bit of hand fighting, Paulo shows off his agility by going to his back and flipping Torres over with a solid sweep.  Torres responds with immediate leg attacks and places Lanzillotti on the defense.  After a moment, Paulo’s pressure and control is seen for the first time this evening.

Paulo begins to get heavy and a scramble breaks out, which ends with a pass to side control by Paulo, and shortly after a back take.  Javier defends excellently against the cage and uses it to stand up.  But, like a 6’2 spider monkey, Paulo Andre stays stuck to Javier’s back with a body triangle, defying the laws of gravity.  After Torres spends some time breaking the figure four, Paulo sinks in a deep neck crank (still from the back), that takes Torres to the ground.  As soon as they fell to the mats, it was shortly over with a tap from Javier Torres.  An excellent match between two expert contenders.

8: Gabriel Checco vs Jean Dalua

Hey, do you remember last month’s event HR 11: Big vs. Mighty?  Where we had small opponents vs much larger opponents?  Well, it seems that the matchup gods decided to pay respect to that with this 60 lb weight difference between 205lb Gabriel Checco matched up against 145lb Jean Dalua.  Talk about an ABSOLUTE tournament!

Dalua shoots in and immediately begins to play guard.  With collar grips in, Dalua attempts a scissor sweep, but it doesn’t seem to be the right move against Checco.  After a few minutes of a strong half guard retention from Jean Dalua, eventually Gabriel Checco uses his size advantage to sink a collar choke from half guard.

9: Austin Baker vs Rodrigo Gutierrez

Austin Baker won his first match by forfeit, so he’s coming in fresh against Gutierrez.  But even with that, he immediately shows off some impressive Judo with a foot sweep and scrambles to side control and then full mount.  Baker’s pressure is immediate and while Gutierrez scores a great recovery and half-guard position, Austin Baker continues to put the pressure on.  Gutierrez pulls out a great reversal, but as soon the two stand up he is snapped back to the ground by Baker.  He eventually moves to a knee on belly, then full mount, and then Gutierrez retains a half guard!  Excellent back and forth between these two competitors.  From the top, Austin’s persistent pressure gets him back to side control, knee on belly again, and then a great switch to an arm bar.  After some defense, Austin Baker eventually snatches the arm out and into a submission.

10: Albert Morales vs Moises “Honey Badger” Antonio Lopez

UFC Veteran Albert Morales with his Vibes Papers gi against the Honey Badger’s Wu Tang gi..tonight’s style ain’t nothing to f*ck with.

Lopez lands a great elevator sweep but Morales immediately goes for a pass attempt.  Morales then escapes a kimura attack with an arm bar attempt and almost gets it, but the Honey Badger escapes (holy shit what a sequence!) with his arm in tact!  Shortly after, Moises goes for his infamous leg entrapments and Albert escapes into a great deep half guard.  After a near sweep, Moises ends up on the offensive with another leg attack.  They both land in straight ankle attacks, but Moises got to it first, and ended the match with another victory.

11: Nat Robert Hagberg vs Paulo Andre Lanzillotti

This is Hagberg’s first round of the night, he too won from some type of forfeit earlier.  He’s about to meet in the middle with Paulo who has a 40lb weight advantage.  Paulo immediately grabs Nat’s gi and Nat goes to pulling guard.  With a great invert my Nat, Paulo still maintains to get a back take again and attempts to take the neck.  Nat defends excellently but Paulo switches from an arm bar, then into a back take but Nat pulls a great guard again.  Nat makes a great sweep but Paulo ends up playing his open guard, which is evidently as good as his passing game.  Some great spider guard was displayed by Paulo and Nat was stuck in Paulo’s web (yeeeeah).  Some great scrambles and transitions were exchanged, and Paulo ends up with another excellent back take and armbar attempt.  Another exchange, another armbar attempt, and we make it to the first overtime of the night!

Paulo starts on the back, and immediately jumps to into an armbar attack and in 40 seconds of overtime, Paulo takes the tap.  Now, all he has to do is survive 40 seconds of attack from Nat and if he does, he moves on to the finals.  Nat lets it rip with an immediate face crank and gives it everything he’s got.  Paulo survives the crank attempt and the duration of the attack, making his way to the next rounds!

12: CJ Smith vs Josh Luchessi

CJ makes grips to an immediate guard pull and goes to a De La Riva.  After a bit of a scramble, CJ finds the back door and makes his way to the top in half guard.  A great defense and attack by Josh.  CJ lands a step back pass to knee on belly and then side control.  More scrambling ensues after CJ Smith goes for an armbar attempt and he ends up landing in a triangle.  While seemingly lettling Josh Luchessi break out of the triangle, CJ Smith immediately returns to the armbar attack and gets a quick tap.

13: Gabriel Checco vs Austin Baker

Austin Baker outweighs Gabriel Checco by 50lbs (250 vs 200lb!) on this match up, but they both look like absolute units.  As the match starts, Baker immediately shows off his knowledge of judo with numerous attempts until he successfully sinks an outside heel trip.  Austin immediately starts to pass, but Checco keeps a great butterfly guard and attempts a straight arm lock.  Austin then proceeds to pass to side mount.  Austin gets one hook in and slowly goes to a back take controlling it with a collar grip.  Gabriel Checco successfully defends and comes back up to put the pressure on Austin.  Austin Baker then pulls out an elevator sweep and gets back on top.  Back and forth in this match!  Gabriel begins to go for a great double take and Austin pulls out an amazing judo sweep to the top again.  A standstill ensues and when they finally stand back up, Austin Baker lands successful uchi mata hip toss.  From there, Gabriel pulls guard and, and makes it into Overtime.

Checco starts off overtime taking Austin Baker’s back.  Checco attempts a lapel choke into an armbar attempt and Austin Baker breaks out into the end of the first overtime.

Austin starts on the back and Gabriel finds his way out and almost gets a leglock on Austin Baker.  Time runs out, and we go into Sudden Death!  Whoever gets the first take down wins!

With his judo background, Austin Baker lands an uchi mata and wins against Checco.

14: Moises “Honey Badger” Antonio Lopez vs Paulo Andre Lanzillotti

Another big weight difference with Paulo weighing 40lbs more than Moises, but Paulo ends up pulling guard first.  Moises responds with immediate leg attacks (who would have expected?) but Paulo keeps heavy.  Paulo finds his way to the back with Moises wrapped up and eventually takes the top with a katagatami attempt.  Moises maintains a half guard defense to the attack and makes his way on top.  Some beautiful scrambles occur and Paulo ends up on top in side control again.  Paulo attempts a great cross choke and Moises defends once again.  Paulo keeps threatening Moises’ neck from knee on belly and numerous other attacks but he maintains to keep on surviving beautifully.  Paulo sinks a inverted triangle on Moises but he keeps him stacked against the cage and survives for 40 seconds against the wall.  We’re going into overtime.

Paulo starts on the back.  He gives up the back and goes for a straight armbar attempt and Moises defends once again.  HONEY BADGER DON’T GIVE A F*CK!

Second Overtime starts with Moises on the back attack, and Paulo, you better protect ya’ neck.  Which he does and they scramble into a series of leg attacks.  They go the distance, and we go into SUDDEN DEATH!

In a few quick guard pulls but nothing set for points, Paulo lands a sweep and gets the points to take him to the Final match.


15: Amada Leve vs Melissa Cueto

Our ladies match of the evening did not disappoint!  Amanda Leve is fighting out of Precision Jiu Jitsu Acadaemy while Melissa Cueto comes from Alliance BJJ out of San Diego.  Both are black belts and went to an immediate game on the ground.  Amanda breaks Cueto’s guard but Cueto pulls into a De La Riva.  The guard game persists until Cueto pulls herself to the top.  They reset to the middle and Cueto pulls guard again.  The clash of Cueto’s guard against Amanda showed for some very impressive technical grip fighting.  Melissua Cueto eventually pulls a great sweep and comes out on top.  The back and forth and grip games finds Amanda on her back but with Cueto in her closed guard.  I mean, the technical grips and back and forth sweeps in this match is a master class.  After a ten minute stalemate of back and forth control, we go to Overtime to see the two opponents fight of back attacks.  Melissa Cueto takes Leve’s back first.

After a great attack from Melissa, she eventually takes top mount, attempts an ezekiel but Amanda is saved by the bell.

Amanda goes for the back attack and ends up sinking an impressive bow and arrow choke!  WE HAVE A NEW LADIES GI CHAMPION!


16: Paulo Andre Lanzillotti vs Austin Baker

We’ve all seen Austin Baker’s impressive judo to this point, right?  I mean, even Paulo Lanzillotti has seen it, so he plays it smart and immediately pulls guard to avoid getting hip tossed by a 250lb beast.  From closed guard, Paulo immediately attacks an omoplata but Austin grabs his own pant leg and defends the attack.

Austin defends the attack and makes it to Paulo’s closed guard again.  He maintains underneath Austin and really puts on the aggression against Austin Baker.  This is everything you want to see in a match for the High Rollerz Gi Championship.  Paulo performed numerous attacks but after landing in Austin’s closed guard, he quickly found his way back on top in side control.  Austin stacks Paulo against the cage, makes his way to north-south and then takes his back.  Numerous dominant positions here from Austin Baker, and Paulo is doing everything he can to defend the pressure.  Out of an escape attempt, Austin Baker attacks an americana and gets the tap, and the belt!


And there you have it, ladies and gents.  Another High Rollerz in the books, and two new High Rollerz Gi Champions in the world.  Be ready for next month’s March Madness, where 8 teams make their way through the bracket to become number one!




Director: Matt Staudt
Producers: Mike Imber + Matt Staudt
Host: Matt Perino
Commentators: Stephan Bonnar + Talia Marie Vaughan
Referee: Darren Branch
Head of Production: Edwardo Vasquez
Lighting: Philip Franzone & Dylan Frank
Sound: Sal Rotolo
Photography: Paul Adams
Art: Jud Lively + Michael Carroll
Crew: Jair Romero & Joaquin Rivera
Security: Elite Security Specialists, LLC

Produced & owned by BAM Productions

Event Recaps



We have officially closed out 2021 with a banger – High Rollerz 10 features a 16-man 160 lb. black belt bracket along with two championship main events! This card is completely stacked with many well-known mma fighters and high-level jiu jitsu competitors battling it out for the ultimate prize package: a gold medal, a golden bong, a $1000 gift card to our exclusive Las Vegas dispensary Jardín and the grand prize of $10,000 cash! This event is live streaming on YouTube and premiering afterward on Pluto TV – a free cable television network.

Fans can enjoy UFC legend and BJJ black belt Yves Edwards breaking down the action alongside our house commentator, the very fun and funny Renato Laranja. We are thrilled to have pro-wrestling super star and cannabis proponent Rob Van Dam in the building enjoying the show while also supporting the event with an athlete representing his brand RVD CBD!

1: Kieran Kichuk vs Rafael Domingos

This action-packed event starts off with Kieran Kichuk representing Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts and fighting for Team Baum Life vs Rafael Domingos representing Ronanjitsu Martial Arts and fighting for Team Originals San Diego. Kieran immediately starts the match from the bottom and as soon as Rafael tries to pass Kieran gets Rafael in a fully locked arm bar. These competitors have the crowd at the edge of their seats and right as we thought Rafael was done he manages to pull an amazing escape. Both athletes stay very technical and the match ends with Kieran winning by referee’s decision after 3 even rounds of overtime.

2: Javier Garcia vs Jay Enoch

Match 2 sees Javier Garcia representing Combat Submission Wrestling and fighting for Team Dr. Dabber vs Jay Enoch representing Gracie Brandon + Fusion Xcel and fighting for Team Khalifa Kush. Jay starts the match by attacking Javier’s legs but Javier stays constantly defending the attacks and putting the pressure back on Jay. Jay looks extremely comfortable on his back and most of this match ends up a scramble but eventually Javier manages to take Jay’s back and finishes with a rear naked choke.

3: Noad Lahat vs Charles Rosa

Match 3 sees UFC fighter Noad Lahat representing Victory MMA and fighting for Team Cali Kosher vs UFC fighter Charles Rosa representing American Combat Gym and fighting for Team Rock Nutrients. Noad unfortunately has withdrawn due to injury. As a result Charles automatically advances to the next round.

4: Gabriel Gaudio vs Cris Lencioni

Match 4 sees Gabriel Gaudio representing GF Orange Team and fighting for Team RVD CBD vs Cris ‘Sunshine’ Lencioni representing Sunshine Athletics and fighting for team Disco Dabs. The match begins with Gabriel starting on the bottom – it looks like he was trying to set up a sweep but Cris has him smashed against the cage who is definitely using the cage to his advantage while on top. Gabriel has no choice but to pull guard. Gabriel does a really good job not letting Cris pass, which frustrates Cris. They get back to their feet and Gabriel goes for the half guard position from bottom but Cris manages to isolate Gabriel’s arm and get him in a kimura lock. Cris manages to advance to full mount position while having Gabriel fully locked in the submission with no way of escape. Just when we were expecting a tap, in a weird turn of events Cris is bitten in the ribs by Gabriel who responds negatively to the pressure being put on him. Gabriel is disqualified and Cris wins the match and advances to the next round.

5: Bill Cooper vs William Wolk

Match 5 sees jiu jitsu legend Bill ‘The Grill’ Cooper representing Paragon BJJ and fighting for Team Jardín Dispensary vs William Wolk representing Martinez BJJ and fighting for Team Green Life Productions. Most of this match takes place on the feet. Both athletes tie up with each other looking for the takedown and other openings. Bill attempts a kimura and comes close but William keeps the pressure on Bill and is able to escape the submission attempt and pass him. William eventually takes Bill’s back, get both hooks in, flattens him out and finishes with a rear naked choke.

6: Raymond Cardenas vs Jordan Wirth

Match 6 sees Raymond Cardenas representing Active Jiu Jitsu and fighting for Team Cookies vs Jordan Wirth representing 10th Planet Las Vegas and fighting for Team Jars. Jordan walks into this match with the crowd definitely on his side – he is a frequent High Rollerz competitor and a local. Both athletes waste no time once the match starts. Raymond starts off by putting the pressure on Jordan and begins to attack but eventually falls into Jordan’s rubber guard. Jordan transitions to a triangle position then almost immediately transitions to a omoplata. Raymond has no choice but to forward roll into a scramble and is able to get back to his feet. Raymond attempts a jumping triangle which lands him back in Jordan’s rubber guard. Jordan begins to repeat the same exact transitions from rubber guard to triangle to omoplata. Raymond rolls forward for a second time but this time around Jordan was expecting the roll and catches his legs then moves to secure the finish with an inside heel hook.

7: Georgi Karakhanyan vs Albert Morales

Match 7 sees Bellator fighter and High Rollerz 1 competitor Georgi Karakhanyan representing OG Training Center and fighting for Team Minds Eye Psi vs UFC veteran Albert Morales representing Carlson Gracie and fighting for Team Vibes Rolling Papers. Both athletes being experienced MMA fighters makes this match exciting and interesting. The match begins with both athletes getting to work, both cautiously working to not give up position but also going for the sub when possible. After 6 minutes of back and forth competition the match moves to overtime. After the first two overtime rounds are not decisive the match moves to a third and final sudden death round. Georgi manages to land a nice double leg takedown on Albert that immediately wins him the match and advances him to the next round.

8: Keith Krikorian vs Dane Leak

Match 8 sees Keith Krikorian representing 10th Planet San Diego and fighting for Team Originals San Diego vs Dane Leak representing Clinch Martial Arts and fighting for Team Good Things Coming. These two athletes really come out here to make a statement and are both very technical and exciting to watch. Dane manages to sweep Keith twice but Keith immediately responds by attacking Dane’s legs while he falls. Keith is not able to finish any leg submissions on Dane because of solid leg defense and the match goes to overtime where Keith is able to to seal the deal with a rear naked choke and advance to the next round.

9: Kieran Kichuk vs Javier Garcia

Match 9 sees Kieran Kichuk representing Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts and fighting for Team Baum Life vs Javier Garcia representing Combat Submission Wrestling and fighting for Team Dr. Dabber. This match starts and ends quickly with Kieran catching Javier in a tricky triangle, locking it in for the tap and winning by submission.

10: Charles Rosa vs Cris Lencioni

Match 10 sees Charles Rosa representing American Combat Gym and fighting for Team Rock Nutrients vs Cris ‘Sunshine’ Lencioni representing Sunshine Athletics and fighting for Team Disco Dabs. Both athletes go about this match very patiently and technically with Charles spending most of it in Cris’s guard. When the match advances to the 3rd and final sudden death overtime round  Cris starts the round by motioning to give Charles a handshake but then immediately goes for the takedown which wins him the match. Some people thought the handshake to takedown was a dirty move, but it was completely legal, and Cris wins and advances to the next round.

11: William Wolk vs Jordan Wirth

Match 11 sees William Wolk representing Martinez BJJ and fighting for Team Green Life Productions vs Jordan Wirth representing 10th Planet Las Vegas and fighting for Team Jars. Jordan starts this match from the bottom with William on top trying to pass. William is able to get Jordan in a head and shoulder position and remains there, putting pressure on him. Once free Jordan is able to secure a tight buggy choke but William remains calm and escapes with the remainder of the match playing out on the feet. Jordan secures a rear naked choke in the second overtime round, winning him the match.

12: Georgi Karakhanyan vs Keith Krikorian

Match 12 sees Georgi Karakhanyan representing OG Training Center and fighting for Team Mind’s Eye Psi vs Keith Krikorian representing 10th Planet San Diego and fighting for Team Originals San Diego. Keith begins the match from the bottom, slowly working to bring Georgi to the ground. Once he succeeds Keith is able to take Georgi’s back and slip in a rear naked choke that wins him this match.

13: SEMIFINAL – Kieran Kichuk vs Cris Lencioni

Match 13 is our first semifinal match and sees Kieran Kichuk representing Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts and fighting for Team Baum Life vs Cris ‘Sunshine’ Lencioni representing Sunshine Athletics and fighting for Team Disco Dabs. Kieran immediately starts this match by attacking Cris’ legs. Cris tries to spin out and away from the attack but Kieran secures a deep inside heel hook that forces Cris to tap. Kieran wins by submission and advances to the next round.

14: SEMIFINAL – Jordan Wirth vs Keith Krikorian

Match 14 is our second semifinal match and sees Jordan Wirth representing 10th Planet Las Vegas and fighting for Team Jars vs Keith Krikorian representing 10th Planet San Diego and fighting for Team Originals San Diego. This match starts with a scramble that lands both competitors in a 50/50 leg position. Both competitors attack but Keith manages to get to Jordan’s heel first and wins the match by heel hook submission.

15: FINAL – Kieran Kichuk vs Keith Krikorian

Match 15 is the final match of the tournament and sees Kieran Kichuk representing Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts and fighting for Team Baum Life vs Keith Krikorian representing 10th Planet San Diego and fighting for Team Originals San Diego. Both athletes start very aggressively and put some crazy leg entanglements on display. You can tell they are both very familiar with leg attacks but Keith manages to slip in an inside heel hook to finish Kieran and wins the match and the tournament!


FINAL: Keith Krikorian on Team Originals San Diego takes 1st place winning $10,000 cash, a $1000 gift card to Jardin Dispensary, a golden bong and a gold medal. Kieran Kichuk on Team Baum Life takes 2nd place and receives a silver medal along with an ounce of top-shelf flower from Originals San Diego. Jordan Wirth bows out from bronze match due to injury and his planned opponent Cris Lencioni takes 3rd place as a result, winning a bronze medal and a half ounce of top-shelf flower from Originals San Diego.

Co-Main Event – Absolute Brown Belt Championship
16: Elijah Carlton (C) vs Brady Wicklund

Our Co-Main Event sees standing brown belt champion Elijah Carlton representing 10th Planet Atlanta and fighting for Team Jardín Dispensary vs Brady Wicklund representing Dave Terrel Jiu Jitsu and fighting for Team Game Up Nutrition in an oringinally planned untimed match. This match mainly sees Brady working to bring the fight to the feet while Elijah attempts to bring Brady to the ground. Both athletes are being extremely careful throughout and due to them being too careful a decision is made 25 minutes in to end the match at 30 minutes. This match goes to overtime after the 30 minutes expire and Elijah eventually secures the win and defends his belt against Brady with a triangle choke.

Main Event – Absolute Black Belt Championship
17: Kevin Crane (C) vs Brennan Ward

Our Main Event sees our standing 2x absolute black belt champion ‘Remember The Name’ Kevin Crane representing Morumbi Academy and fighting for Team Game Up Nutrition vs Bellator brawler and all-American wrestler Brennan Ward representing Whaling City Wrestle Jitsu and fighting for Team Tyson 2.0. Both of these athletes are very entertaining and exciting. Kevin and Brennan first collide when Brennan attacks with a fast super duck that ends up wit him in Kevin’s guard. A few fun scrambles take place before Kevin gets Brennan in his rubber guard and from there transitions to an omoplata. Brennan responds by rolling forward out of desperation which leads to a scramble but Kevin quickly reacts and is able to secure a guillotine and defend his belt for the 3rd time!

High Rollerz always aims to provide the most entertaining and competitive shows possible. We will be kicking off 2022 with High Rollerz 11: Big vs Mighty. This event is meant to display the art of jiu jitsu at its finest and illustrate how skill and technique is more important than height and weight.





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Director: ‘Mighty Matt’ Staudt
Producer: ‘Icey Mike’ Imber
Co-Producer: Jessica ‘Evil’ Eye
Host: ‘Big Lonn’ Howard
Commentators: Renato Laranja & Yves Edwards
Special Guest: Jake Shields
Referee: Darren Branch
Head of Production: Edwardo Vasquez
Lighting: Philip Franzone & Dylan Frank
Sound: Sal Rotolo
DJ: DJ Freeze
Photography: Paul Adams
Event recap made by: Greg Nelson
Art: Jud Lively, Michael Carroll, Kevin Edwards
Crew: Jair Romero & Joaquin Rivera
Security: Elite Security Specialists, LLC

Produced & owned by BAM Productions