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Due to the very strict, complicated and confusing rules placed around holding events that allow cannabis consumption and the overwhelming demand to participate in one of our smoking shows we decided to launch regional, non-smoking OPENs to find the very best for a series of super brackets that will take place in December at a completely private show!

High Rollers 3 will have not have tickets for sale.. There will be no way for any competitors to register. These super brackets will consist of past champions, the winners from our OPENs, the top 3 submission leaders over 2019 per belt and a few surprise special invitations.

Want to win a POUND and a Super Champ Belt?! That’s exactly what the winners will be receiving at High Rollerz 3! You can qualify for one of our Super Brackets in a few different ways…

  1. Be a past High Rollerz Champion
  2. Place 1st or 2nd in one of our OPENs
  3. Place 1st or 2nd for most subs in your division over 2019
  4. Generally standout as a competitor over the year and receive a special invite

Don’t wait to register for your spot! All events are now live and open for registration using the SmoothComp tournament platform. You are can register and reserve your spot right away without paying but please keep in mind that prices will fluctuate and increase over time!


Simply put, our sponsors are and have been the reason we are here! Please take note & show support for these awesome brands!

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